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Why choose PlexiLine

  1. Thermoforming PMMA/Acrylic

    PlexiLine is made of PMMA/acrylic. It starts as a single sheet and is then formed using hot air pressure, resulting in a tray or platter made of one continuous piece of material.
  2. Food approved

    All of PlexiLine's products are food-grade and compliant with the most stringent certificates.
  3. Good cold conductor

    Plexi in the counter acts as an effective cold conductor, keeping food fresher for longer. even when using our steps and risers, cut-outs are provided to keep the refrigeration working optimally.
  4. Heat resistant -20°C up to +80°C

    The plexi trays are resistant to extreme temperatures and can be used safely within a temperature range of -20 to +80°C.
  5. Dishwasher safe

    The bowls and trays are easy to maintain, they can simply go into the dishwasher. They are also resistant to common dishwasher cleaning products.
  6. High quality and colorfast product

    The trays and platters are high-quality products that are colourfast. The colour is retained even after repeated washing in the dishwasher.


Our 54-page catalogue provides a good overview of our extensive range. A handy working document for your library. Download our digital catalogue here or request a paper copy.

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